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Product Updates
Redesigned deck page header
We reorganized the deck page slightly to allow for a toolbar, so you have quick access to starring, sampling a hand, or editing, and deleting (if you own it, of course) a deck!

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You can now upload your physical binder cards to organize and display on your profile! 

Some improvements to come to this feature:
  • Foil cards
  • Card editions
  • Autosave

Here's a preview of what the binder looks like on your profile:

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Sample hands
New Feature: Sample hand
Draw a sample hand of any deck, then mulligan, or shuffle and redraw! 
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Sorted cards in deck builder
Cards are now sorted by type instead of alphabetically in the deck editor

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- Fixed a bug introduced by v2.1.0 where the dashboard would fail to load after commenting.
- Added a link to our changelog in the footer. (Psst, this is the changelog...)
  • While editing a deck, the search bar for cards is now glued to the top, so you change your search term more easily if you've scrolled down the list of cards
  • Added some visual feedback for when you click a card in deck editor so it's more obvious that you've added it
  • If you go to then view a card, the basic card information loads instantly. This is a side effect of some caching that will be present in various parts of the website. The card example will be the most noticeable to you as the user.

New sets
  • Shadows over Innistrad has been uploaded to the database
We fixed a couple nasty bugs including one that prevent the app from running properly in IE9 and 10. 

Oh ... and we also fixed a problem where – if you were clever – you could steal another person's deck. Oops!

Fateseal v2.0 is here!

We've completely rewritten the app from the ground up. This rewrite will allow us to bring you better features, while easing our development pains. 

This biggest feature of this update that matters for you is our brand new deck editor!

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Be sure to log in and check it out!
We launched Fateseal!